Dengan izin Allah, I am now officially a Doctor :)

Assalamualaikum..hye korang! still ingat milo? huhuk

Alhamdulillah, dengan izin Allah S.W.T, I am now officially appointed as a doctor after completing and passing my final professional MBBS220 exam lasted for 2 weeks (15 April-26 April 2013). Cite lapok dah ni actually, lambat update, banyak keje hokey, keje meronggeng ler~~ hehee :D

Before exam started, we were given 2 weeks for study week. Believe me, that was the hardest time and moment everrrrrrr (so far). Memang hampir gila or some of us dah jadi gila sekejap hehe including me! Nightmares on almost everynight, gaining weight despite of losing appetite (watdeheck, that was stress response), heart beating sooo fast in every seconds including time tgh 'uk uk', feel nauseated all the time like you were in morning sickness. Yes, we were in that condition for almost 1 month (2weeks study week, 2 weeks exam), lama tu babe. LAMAA. sumpah taknah dah hadapi so-called 'the most unfair exam on earth' . Alhamdulillah, lulus....kalo fail, kene extend for 6 months..lama tuuu...tak sanggup..huhu

we got:
-1 week for written exam (theory)
-1 day for clinical exam (real patients)- the most scariest exam. but still u wont be calm if u sit for exam earlier until u got the result and u passed the exam. aku exam hari Rabu (24th April) 
-announcemant of result was on 26th of April. the day after the last day of exam. tak tido 2 malam berdebor giler.

you all nak tahu aku dapat case ape for the clinical exam? case sakit mental; Schizophrenia (nak menangis tahu takk, nasib baik dia tengah OK) hehe..ape apepon, actually sesusah mana pun case tu, itulah yang terbaik untuk kite...Allah knows better..

another 3 cases, I got surgical case (thryroglossal cyst), Obstetrics case (normal pregnancy) and Paediatric (developmental assessment- dia bagi budak kecik, pastu kita kena assess development budak tu and give an appropriate age for her, that girl is correspond to 12 months old. :))

aku tak tahu korang paham ke tak. haha

As alwaysss, aku malas dah nak menulis, tak reti dah nak tulis dalam ni. So, lets the pictures tell everything the story behind these past 2-3 weeks..

exam week. before our turn for clinical exam, my friends and i were practising developmental assessment at the ground floor nursery. Tak sia sia aku practise, rezeki Allah, aku dapat budak yang tengah2 tu (dua dari kiri) masa exam, anak staff. Tak tahu plak dia kutip budak2 kat nursery ni. haha. :D

exam week: members of study group. we were crazy with over-abundant of 'knowledge' la sgt! hehe. masa ni kat library. kitorg opened that windows then we yelled like a hell! ohh will be missing this moment for sure ;)

exam day 1: theory exam. yes, I cried on the day 1 of exam bcz I did answer the questions wrongly. CARELESS!! wuwuwu T__T. From that moment ahead, I kept saying that I would fail..huwaa !! Thank God friends calmed me. 

26th of April: announcement of result.. Alhamdulillah yeayyyyyy!! WE DID IT !!!! these are my study group members. Shafiq, Nailil, Me, & Ulil. Since then, we are Doctors ;)
Just before stepping down to the hall from the residential college, I cried again. We cried. bcz we were too afraid if we FAIL ! huhu..memang sangat2 takut this moment..

My Mom was the first selected person  to know this good news. ;)

Result announcement day: with my cutie buddy ! Kina.. we both had passed.. ;)

Delivering the good news: I was flying back home on Sunday, 2 days after results coming out. Only Allah knew how happy and excited I was at the moment. :D

First treat: went to Penang (@Penang Bridge). I was freeee like a bird!!! 
Ok, thats my oldest nephew, 19 years old.. kau ado?hehe..

Penang Bridge: The view is cool..

5 May 2013: I became a FIRST TIME VOTER !! haha.. umur dah nak 24 tahun baru dapat mengundi.. kesiannn~~~habis cair mekap gue beratur panjang sangat huhu

Pre-Graduation Dinner 2013
hey, look what I was holding on?? :p

with my kakak Salwa ;)

yeah, my 2 bodyguards :D

we again.. Shafiq and Nailil

my only cutey buddy! --> Kinaa ;)

andddd, This is the thing that I hold.. 
on that night, I got an award for the students who get excellent marks during final exam.
without my expectation and target, I got A for my final professional exam..
Alhamdulillah, ini semua rezeki Allah..
serious aku langsung tak sangka..huhu
btw, this is for my UMMI & ABAH ;)

and for the FIRST TIME.. I reveal my real name.. 
yep, my name is NOR KAMILAH BT AWANG...

I dont know what exactly I felt when I first saw this, for the first time in my 24 years of life; when my printed name was addressed with Dr. in the front.
yes, of course, feeling happy was one of them..BUT, at the same time I feel there is a BIG responsibility and trust were put on my small shoulders, to be a safe muslim doctor not for anyone else; but serving for YOU my beloved religion, nations and country. insyaALLAH...

InsyaAllah, Milo akan start keje end of July nanti.. Milo apply keje  kat Hospital Kota Bharu so harap2 la dapat..and for your info, Pitbool pun dah lulus his exam. dia exam 2 weeks earlier than me and we both now Doctors and applied for the same hospital.. ;) - papepun tolong doakan kami kawin cepat wahaha.

BTW, Tq for ur doa if sebelum ni any of you the readers or followers ever thought utk doakan Milo & Pitbool berjaya. I know, this is actually the beginning for the new chapter in our life and we still got a longggg journey ahead.. ;)

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Cik Caah said...

Congratulation Miloooooo. Eh, Dr. Milo! Hehehe. Akhirnya segala usaha Milo berbaloi,bestnya dah jadi doktor :)

Cik Caah said...

Congratulation Miloooooo. Eh, Dr. Milo! Hehehe. Akhirnya segala usaha Milo berbaloi,bestnya dah jadi doktor :)

iyka zulaika said...

tahniah Dr Milo :) dah doktor dah dia. cepat cepat kahwin keyy. in sya Allah 1 hospital punyaaa. hee :P

lynndamya said...

wahhhh, congratulations...tak tau kenapa rse happy, sbb baru tahu yg student2 medic ni klw dh grade mmg terus dipanggil doktor ya? mmg excited lah klw mcm tu, dear (n_n) hehe..
suka2nya, terus sy teringat semula moment2 mse study dulu, rindu nya..
dan owh i like your case, org sakit mental, sbb i ade buat psl tu jugak, tp buat video editing lah, haha..nice to know you, gurl..congratez again, hehe :D

FyzaaLaa said...

Tahniahhh akak :) Jadi doktor baik2 k !
Mehh tengok sini , akak di tag Dtg sini , awakk di tag

Badrina Ibtisam said...

Alhamdulillah.. Tahniah Dr. NOR KAMILAH BT AWANG ! :-D

ohh Dr apply hospital KB ek? :) Org Kelantan? :)

amranaiman said...

Congratulation Dr Kamilah :)

Miss A said...

OMGGG, tahniah dear! tahniah sangat-sangat! hehe

Anonymous said...

jd doktor? wahh..tahniah :)

Akmal Hadi said...

Tahniah awak..

Mr.Superman said...

wau! dedua doktor. alhamdulillah..semoga cepat kawin dgn pitbool tu ye. :)


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