Jom jalan2 Cari Makan di D'Apple Cafe & Restaurant

It has been a week I didn't post anything here but why I rasa macam lama giler je hah?. hehe. well, my student life is back going to be so hectic and chaotic late days. Ni pun I skip my study time sekejap coz I think within this 1 week I have opened blogspot for many times but failed to post anything. I opened it and  if there's any comment, just get it published then click the 'x' sign in the right upper corner. see, no time for writing any!

Ah I taknak merepek lagi. lets keep the ball rolling with this some kind of 'drooled saliva' title. Hurmm, who on earth ever heard D'Apple Cafe & Restaurant ?? It is somewhere in Kelantan, to be more specific it is located at Pengkalan Chepa (PC), somewhere at the triple junction to Airport near the PC post office n police station. Why am Iso freaking bother to tell you where it is??? haha.

yaaa, it's my brother's restaurant!!! just over excited (sorry :p) 

So I, behalf of my brother as his little youngest sister just wanting to promote his D'Apple Cafe & Restaurant. heee. Actually, restaurant ni bukan la baru sangat, its been more or less 4++ years, if im not mistaken la..Jom terjah whats so special with this mouth wateringgg site! :D

Chicken Chop with New Recipe for ONLY RM 7.50!!! 
set: Chicken chop, toasted bread, fries, coleslaw

So far, this one and also Lamb Chop (sorry takde gambar) memang mendapat sambutan paling hangat from customers. Yes, haritu milo dah try memang sedap gila dengan kuah black pepper + sos masam manis yang pekat. one more Milo ni penggemar segala jenis roti n this toasted bread pun milo bleh cakap sedap gila babeng. haha! Marvelous habes you all! hehe. No wonder la distance customers pn sanggup datang semata2 nak rasa low price chicken chop ni.  :D

Kangkong Belacan

I dah try and yeeahh its also sedappp maaa!! 
nyum2, my saliva is drooling already lah :P

Nasi lemak Puyuh

Nasi Daging Kunyit

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Family Dishes Set ! :)

 front view and map.

Bukan itu saja yaa, this restaurant juga ada jual waffle, sweetcorn, ABC, burger, hotdog bun, fries, float, and many many moreeeeee including various type of soup! soup apa mau? belut ada, perut ada, ekor ada. soup lover pasti suka. hihi

and of course you people will be NOT alone! U'll be accompanied by facilities provided:

TV plasma 

done promoting! i hope he'll give me some $$$$$

10 awek dan jejaka hot!:

iyka zulaika said...

kita dari Kelantan tapi tak pernah try makanan dekat sini. nanti bila balik Kelantan i will try InsyaAllah :)

EyqaLuvender said...

bestnye makan2...
lapor bace entry milo tgh2 mlm neyh..aish~

Cik Ca'ah said...

chicken chop RM7.50?
bukak cawangan dekat penang, bukak cawangan dekat penang!

aimi said...

sdap nye.... terliur =(

unieMARKS said...


Lapar Teruis T.T

lia fen said...

mcm menarik...lagi2 mmg ma pebret lamb chop..nk try...

milo said...

@iyka zulaika: nanti u try ek yunk, confirm tak menyesal nanti! hehe :p

milo said...

@EyqaLuvender: milo tengah lapar kot time buat entry ni.seksa seksa..hehe :P

milo said...

@Cik Ca'ah: alorrrr, jauh sangat tu caah.. tunggu stabil dulu nanti bukak cawangan lain. ceyh macam la kita ni tokey kan.hihi :P

milo said...

@lia fen: lamb chop pun sedaaaaaaaapppp! hehe :P


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